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Automation Systems

PLC Control panel completely consists of SIEMENS equipment that can easily be found worldwide, and it provides the best quality together with worldwide support. The automation system allows to achieve the same quality and quantity of concrete products during every press process. Batching plant automation system makes it possible to obtain high-quality homogeneous concrete mix in every batch with the function of creating and keeping the database of mixing designs.The system can report the amount of pallets pressed throughout the day.

If internet connection is avaliable in the workside, this PLC allows to monitor production process from any place in the world with internet access. When any failure occurs in the system  our technical support department specialists can use this function to establish a connection with the machine or batching plant and can find the cause of failure, troubleshoot software issues or update the system.

The system drives Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic or manual use options. Transition between modes is possible with a single click from the main screen. System starts operation in Fully Automatic mode in default settings and continues like this until the production is complete. Operator can perform various minor interventions and corrections from the main screen by buttons on equipment. When intervention is detected, the system switchs to Semi-Automatic mode. Operator may change to completely Manual mode when needed.

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