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Double Shaft Mixer

Twin shaft mixers are mainly used for the producing high volumes of concrete. It is mostly prefered where daily ready-mix requirement is minimum 1200 m3  and above.Horizontal synchronized axis twin shaft mixer system is the most advantageous system for maximum homogenity.Twin shaft mixers ensure maximum batching in minimum time allowing the whole low water-cement proportion come into contact with aggregate. This is the most significant factor boosting the efficiency of the system. It is provided that low water-cement ratio and a mixing in a manner of entire cement will come into contact with the aggregate in the minimum period of time at the Twin Shaft type mixers. This is an important factor in increasing the efficiency of the system.

Due to these reasons, Our Engineering employs twin shaft mixers in its large scale concrete plants.  
MODEL   CDMIX-1000  CDMIX-2000  CDMIX-3000
Capacity  m3  1 2 3
Mixer Type Wet Double Shaft Double Shaft  Double Shaft 
Drive System    Double Side Double Side Double Side
Motor   Kw 2 x 18,5    2 x 37 2 x 55
Reducer   Bonfiglioli Bonfiglioli Bonfiglioli
Loading Capacity Lt 1500 3000 4500
Fresh Concrete Capacity Lt 1250 2500 3750
Compacted Concrete Capacity Lt 1000 2000 3000
Rotation Speed Rpm 24 24 24
Cement Weighing Capacity  Kg 300  600  750 
Water Weighing Capacity  Lt 300   400  400
Additive Weighing Capacity  Kg 20   30  30
Body Wear Plates   16-18 Dual Chromed MANGAN 16-18 Dual Chromed MANGAN    16-18 Dual Chromed MANGAN
Helical Plates   16-18 Dual Chromed MANGAN 16-18 Dual Chromed MANGAN 16-18 Dual Chromed MANGAN
Discharge   Hydraulic Cover Hydraulic Cover Hydraulic Cover
Side Wall Wear Plates   Hardox 400   Hardox 400 Hardox 400 
Lubrication   Automatic 8 Points Automatic 8 Points   Automatic 8 Points
Safety Sensor    Yes Yes Yes 
Emergency Stop     Yes  Yes  Yes

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