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CPB-20 Concrete Block And Paver Making Machine

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CPB-20 is designed for production of all type of paving stones ,curbstones,edge stones,grass stones and all types of hollow blocks by changing the moulds on the main machine.CPB-20 Block and Paver making machine can press 110-120 pieces wooden pallet in one hour. Pressing is suppiled by the help of strong vibration and other movements are suppiled with hydraulic system.

Wooden pallet with lath leg is used in manuel controled system machines and the end products are received by the help of wheel barrows from the output table of the machine. In semi automatic system, the main machine has front and back stacking system robots which line up the wooden pallets on top of the other pallet.For this reason wooden pallets with profile legs are used in semi automatic machines rather than manuel machines. In this collecting method forklifts are required in semi automatic systems.We advise that this machine should be used as manuel or semi automatic systems.

For fully automatic system, the machines which have much more pressing capacities should be preferred.

Feature Value Unit
Production Pallet Capacity 110-120 Pallet / Hour
Control Manuel or Semi Automatic -
Easy Mould Change Yes with option -
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 200 Lt
Upper Vibration 0,55 Kw x 2 pieces Kw
Bottom Vibration 4 kw x 2 pieces Kw
Total Power Used ( As Manuel ) 61 Kw
Total Power Used ( As Semi Automatic ) 82 Kw
Vibration Power 20 Ton
Wooden Pallet Used ( Manuel ) 920 x 920 x 35 mm
Wooden Pallet Used ( Automatic ) 980 x 1000 x 35 mm
Mixer Capacity Needed 500 Dm3
Maximum Product Hight 30 Cm
Minimum Product Hight 5 Cm
Machine Diemensions 1560 x 5200 x 2640 Cm

* Technical specifications are based on standard equipments. Conpromac reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications if necessary.

INTERLOCK PAVER 198 X 163 20 30 17.600 - 19.200 488 - 533 M2
HOLLOW BLOCK 10 X 40 X 20 14 30 12.320 - 13.440  
HOLLOW BLOCK 15 X 40 X 20 10 30 8.800 - 9.600  
HOLLOW BLOCK 20 X 40 X 20 8 30 7.040 - 7.680  
*The given production datas depend on mould shapes,mould properties and production boards and the capacity data are theorical and are dependent  on machine settings,plant design ,mix design,aggregates used and other environmental conditions.


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