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SEAL WHITE (SW) is a water-mixed multi-purpose -environmentally safe-polymer fluid used in most countries around the world to control and  manage various ground conditions. When applied correctly and in sufficient quantities, SW will effectively prevent base disturbances, dust contamination, soil erosion, and water loss from dams and reservoirs.

Base (Soil) Stabilization.. Ministry of Transport field tests revealed that the strength capabilities of SW are equivalent to cement stabilization. Other tests have also shown that environmental standards for SW's moisture resistance are significantly met and exceeded.   The SW can be easily adapted to routine construction procedures without the requirement of any special equipment or handling measures.The product is simply mixed with water and spread over the ground in sufficient quantities to bind the soil and turn it into a solid mass of tightly adhered soil particles. Far below the cost of cement or lime stabilization, SW is the most cost-effective and effective solution for road surface stabilization.   Recovery of Old Asphalt Roads... is one of the best uses of SW. The product is environmentally safe and therefore an excellent alternative to a method of depositing more and more asphalt emulsions on undesirable soil. The result of pulverizing asphalt and mixing it with old ground has improved dramatically with the introduction of SW as a superior stabilizing agent that binds it all together tightly. There is a significant advantage in using SW to renovate old asphalt roads.   Cheaper More effective Easier to apply Superior bonding capacity No special handling procedure required No special equipment or heating tank required   The main advantage of using SW with old asphalt is that the process of excavation and disposal of old asphalt is completely eliminated in accordance with the strictest environmental laws. Overall, great savings and superior performance can be expected from the SW when recycling old asphalt roads
Consumption Amount on Normal Vehicle Roads : 1 liter per 1 m2

(Impact Depth 15cm)

Consumption Amount on Heavy Load Vehicle Roads : 2lt per 1 m2

(Impact Depth 25cm)

*** The depth of impact can be increased up to 40 cm depending on the amount of material to be used and the application site.


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