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Wooden Pallet With 2 Face and Profile Leg 1450 x 980

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This pallet is suitable for automatic CB-12 Single Hopper Block Machines , especially with light weight aggregates . The pallet size is 980 x 1450 x 40 mm.This pallet is used in machines with stacking system robots and pallet turning devices. We use impregnated ( preservative treated wood ) woods in our wooden pallets.

Impregnation is applied by means of vacuum-pressure method to the woods to prevent decay and deformation caused by insects and fungis as well as climatic conditions such as rain, sun, humidity.

Since the wood is light and can be processed ,it does not require maintenance when compared to wood, iron, concrete and plastics, it is more durable and useful than plastic with its healthy formation and breathable texture.

DURABLE: Wood is not affected by climatic conditions such as humidity, solar rays and rain.

NO DECAY : Protect from harmful organisms such as, mushrooms, insects, termites and sea-dogs.It has 8-10 times longer life than unimpregnated woods material.ODOUR-FREE :  It does not damage to human health, plants and animals. Paint, varnish, and similar materials may be applied  to Impregnated wood, on request.  

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