"We Know How To Shape Concrete"

Vision & Mission


Conpromac gives significiant importance to R&D activities in his plants in order to help his customers separtely to find the right solutions in their plants.

Conpromac has a strong manufacturing infrastructure and knowledge in the production sector.The main target of our company is to follow a customer orianted development strategy to satisfy his customers.


Our aim

- is to provide high quality products with more functional and advantageous machines to our customers.

- is to submit solutions for tailored products depending on the customer needs to help them in finding the right desicions to constitude their production lines.

- without making concessions from the quality, to produce the machines with the most appropriate costs to customers and to develop long term endless business relationships based on mutual trust.

 - is to be remembered and preferred company in foreign markets.

Our Contact Information

+90 312 394 49 10 info@conpromac.com